Organisational Development and Change Consultant/HR Business Consultant

HR Business Consultant – (People and Change Advisory) – Preferred Female Candidates

Reports to: Project Manager/s (and ultimately, Assistant Director)

 Purpose of Role: Plan, direct, and coordinate human resource management activities of our organisation to maximize the strategic use of human resources and maintain functions such as employee compensation, recruitment, personnel policies, and regulatory compliance

Key Responsibilities

  • Strategies and communicate HR solutions and programmes to help businesses attract, retain and develop a qualified, professional and diverse workforce.
  • Liaise with other functional/departmental managers (Team Leaders/Technical Team Leaders)so as to understand all necessary aspects and needs of HR development, and to ensure they are fully informed of HR objectives, purposes and achievements
  • Manage day-to-day operational aspects of human resources issues. Consult with managers on performance management (including performance issues, appraisals and feedback, L&D and disciplinary processes and terminations, etc.), staffing plans, key selection decisions and strategies, compensation plans and other issues. Counsel employees on various issues while maintaining employer advocacy role.
  • Review and analyse data to identify trends and recommend solutions to improve employee performance, retention, and employee engagement.
  • Monitor, measure and report on HR issues, opportunities and development plans and achievements within agreed formats and timescales.
  • Manage execution of all people related processes within Human Resources to ensure that they improve employee satisfaction and provide maximum returns for the company.
  • Perform other related duties as required

Organisational Development and Change Consultant – (People and Change Advisory)-Preferred Female Candidates

Reports to: Project Manager/s (and ultimately, Assistant Director)

Typical Experience/Qualifications:

۳+ years of post-qualification experience in HR and Organisational Development in a related service-sector/technology sector firm or internal consultant position in a large organisation. Candidates without 3 years relevant experience should display the flair and skills to fit into an internal consulting environment.
Key Responsibilities (and project management skills):

  • Delivery of a project work related to core skill areas under the guidance of Project Manager
  • Project delivery as per commitments to client and Project Manager – technical quality of deliverables, meeting time commitments, managing colleague and client expectations
  • Support Business Development through proposal writing, research and analysis, presentation etc., and conduct structured research assignments based on project needs
  • Manage client relationships on projects and assist in OD&C initiatives, best practice development and solution development
  • People management – handle team of junior analysts on project work streams, as and when necessary.

For further details (on required core technical skills, relevant advisory skills and behaviours, and additional remarks), please contact us and send your resume to