Pishahang Web Service

It is a product by ADP for quickly sending and receiving SMS, enabling organizations to send predefined messages by the use of available devices within their systems. In this system, SMS is automatically sent to contacts on special occasions. Since the platform is adaptable with all computer programming languages as well as data and databases, companies can easily utilize this brand and its design, operation setting and finally apply it according to their needs.

The advantages of this service

Receiving SMS for free
  No charging for the reports of the sent messages
  Sending messages up to 160 characters
For presenting and providing this service, ADP provides both SOAP and RESTful web services.

RESTful web service

There are four different APIs for these functions:
  Send: Sending one message to a single recipient
  Multi-Send: Sending several messages to multiple recipients
  Report: Receiving Delivery Report for the sent messages
  Receive: Receiving the messages sent from mobile phones to our short number
Based on these addresses and the pertinent parameters, the customer system can send and receive SMS to its customers. Due to the simplicity of reading the API, implementing variegated applications in the field of SMS using this platform with any programming language is possible.

SOAP-based Web Service

In this way, due to using the SOAP standard, it is possible to call out the services remotely as well as sending, receiving and report of the sent messages. The advantage of this system is its standard programming protocol which makes it easy for programmers, programming in any language, to use its API for sending and receiving SMS. Besides, this method enables more complicated requests; as a result it facilitates larger development for API.