Atieh Dadeh Pardaz

By more than 10 years of experience in Information Technology, Atieh Dadeh Pardaz has concentrated its activities on providing solutions based on SMSA and currently is one of the most capable companies in sending and receiving SMS as well as value added services (with initial digits of 2000) particularly SMS banks in the country.
Using dedicated, skillful forces as well as utilizing state of art technology and particularly providing software applications on IOS, J2ME, and android, ADP has been able to reach a unique status in provision of specialized variegated services among its customers.

The Brilliant Honors of ADP:

– The first grade of the High Council of Informatics
– Over eight years of successful experience in provision of value added services for mobile phones
–  Providing special context or platform for receiving and sending SMSs to over 20 banks and Financial institutions
– Designing and performing the mobile bank applications for Tejarat, Eqtesad Novin, and Saman Banks
– Providing Bluetooth Services and its central Management software application along with Iran´s biggest Mobile Operator Hamrahe Aval, Tejarat Bank,  Eqtesad Novin Bank, and Parsian Bank
– Conducting opinion polls for the most popular TV show in Iran: Programme 90.
– Providing SMS services to over 800 legal persons
– Sending over 14 billlion SMSs annually.
– sending and receiving SMSs successfully by the average speed of 2500 messages per second
– The contractor for provision of SMS services to all the operators including Hamrahe Aval, Irancel, Talia, Kish, and Spadan
– Providing innovative services in the realm of science and communication
– Member of Iran Informatics Syndicate