The Sports TV Show 90


Program 90, the most popular TV show on Iran’s TV with millions of viewers, has been on air every Monday for almost 13 years. It has also been 13 years that Atieh Dadeh Pardaz has contributed to the programme providing the platform for the opinion polls that are popular among the viewers and football fans.The Application was designed and implemented by Atieh Dadeh Pardaz for the former season of Iran Premiere League enabling users to predict and participate in the opinion polls of 90.For the new season, the application is updated and released for the new season of Iran Football Premiere league adding new features and innovative capabilities.
It has been 13 years that ADP has contributed to the show by conducting opinion polls through provision of SMS platform. In Autumn 2015, due to the request of the producer of 90, ADP commenced a project to enable the programme viewers abroad to participate in the opinion polls. They had not been able to participate in opinion polls as they could not utilize the SMS platform. Therefore, the company enabled the audience outside the country to contribute to the opinion polls of 90 by providing the mobile application. The wide participation and interest of the foreign viewers as well as wide installation of the programme led to the request of the viewers in Iran to get access to the application as well. By the request of 90, the viewers in Iran could utilize the application. The boom in number of the users and the high traffic made it inevitable for ADP to expand the back end servers and the network bandwidth used by those servers .
.In the following, we will study the characteristics and new changes of this application in its latest release of this mobile App.

Prediction Chain

 The users can participate in a tournament for predicting all the eight matches played every week.


Any change in game results, while the match is still running will be applied in the live table showing the changes in points and the latest ranks of teams in the table. This capability is more exciting in the latest matches of each season especially among the teams on the top and lowest in the table.

Popular Team

On the first page of the application, the users are asked to choose their popular team. Choosing the popular team, the users will receive notifications on their popular teams and they will first predict the results of their popular team each week.

 Prediction Based on Last Three Results

In order to transform the process of prediction from passive one based on sheer inference to an active dynamic process, the latest statistics of the teams including the last three match results in regard to their being host or guest are provided for the users in order to analyze them and predict the games.

Rating Predictions Based on the Degree of Accuracy

This motivates users more to participate in tournament since the mere participation in prediction league will be also rated with the minimum score of 2 points.
–  Users exclusively participating in the games will receive 2 Points.
–  predicting loser or winner or draw correctly, the user has not correctly mentioned the goal. difference, yet goal difference is not correctly predicted will receive five5 points. 
–  Predicting the loser or winner or goal difference, the exact result occurred not mentioned will receive 7 points.
–  In this prediction, the predictor has been able to correctly predict the exact result been resulted in the game including loser, winner, or draw as well as correct goal difference will receive 10 points.

Live Show of Programme

The users that do not have access to TV can have the programme shown live through the application.

Receiving Notifications

Users receive notifications when the show starts, or when their popular team has matches with other teams.

Merits of Application 90

Application 90 has been installed by 1200000 users. Currently, there are over 900,000 users who have the app and it has over 80% active users who use the app weekly, that this number of active users is considerable.

High traffic of App 90: Application 90 has had one of the highest traffic in the country and there have even been occasions that reached 1500 transactions per second.

Hot Days

On Mondays, when the programe is on the air as well as Thursdays and Fridays when the matches of the league are usually played, the application have the highest traffic which are named hot days.

Statistics of App 90

-۳۰,۰۰۰ visits of application on Hot Days of opinion polls and Prediction League

-۱۹۰,۰۰۰ users simultaneously visit at the end of important matches of Premier league

-۷٫۵ million Predictions per week

-۱۵۰۰ persons transactions, per second each week.

The increasing rate of this application displays its popularity among users.ADP has expanded its bandwidth and hardware equipment of the project due to the high traffic of application especially on Hot days, there is boom in traffic that in some occasions especially during Hot Days.