Chabok Messaging Service


By the advancement in mobile data, online messaging services have been developed as a supplementary or even as a substitute service for mobile messaging. Push notifications are like SMS and all the smart phones can support them. They are sent and received only when the necessary application is installed by users. Chabok Messaging service is designed, performed and commissioned by Atieh Dadeh Pardaz based on the technology of push notification, utilizes internet platform for sending and receiving messages including text, picture content and events such as online games.

 Advantages of Chabok Service


Secure Messaging

Chabok messenger, adhering to the highest security standards, utilizes the local network of the country for sending and receiving messages through private contact and is linked to the database of Chabok. As a result, the confidential information and the secret data of the users will not be divulged.

High reliability of Chabok Service

Chabok is flexible and designers can use it designing different applications. It also provides strong back up support while the services provided by Google or Apple do not have any back up support.

Server Base of Chabok

The base of all the equipment for this service is in ADP Building, Mollasadra, Shirazi Street by which it guaranties security and provides a suitable service for the banks and institutions that are not willing to send messages to the foreign servers. 

Advantages to SMS

There are many applications which pay high costs for SMS and do not benefit from a two sided communication capability with their users. SMS is not a real time communication and takes longer to be sent and received in bulk numbers. There might be a person in need of sending a private content to its users and should be assured of its delivery to users or events such as an online game for users and therefore would need an integrated network with capability of sending and receiving in the moment messaging that all these capabilities are enabled by Chabok Messaging Service.


Chabok is able to send highly personalized content based on each user’s needs and conditions. In addition, they can be highly personalized to some specific app users.

Direct communication with users

Push notification of chabok is a direct communication with users through the installed platform. By Chabok, the integrated platform makes it easier to get in touch with users as they are all integrated through a connected mobile .platform

Delivery Assurance

Your message must be delivered, anywhere and to any contact. Chabok guaranties that user will receive your message on the spot by any device or any level of internet quality. Even, when there is no internet access, a substitute message will be sent. Therefore, by using Chabok you are able to manage the system of sending push notifications in comparison to the services of Google and apple. For sending and receiving messages Chabok clients utilize a specialized private connection- integrated connection which is in app communication. This direct communication and link between the clients and chabok allow the service to provide a significant amount of quality. 

Delivery Policy 

In default, Chabok guaranties SMS delivery in lagged networks since both clients and Chabok server by confirming send and receive are able to send chabok messages again.

Live Delivery and Real time Messaging

This is Chabok Policy in exchanging messages and there are also other alternatives. For instance, for the fast or real time publish of a news or situation and event for a bulk number of users, it is possible to use the live delivery or real time messaging. At this time, Chabok will impose less control over the message delivery and send it only to the online users, which enable us to send and deliver messages by spending less time and utilizing less sources.

In App delivery

The users will not receive the message unless he enters the application when individuals habitually have more concentration and the sent messages will maintain their effectiveness.

In Time Delivery even in 2G

One of the capabilities of 2G is the specialized private network, platform, or channel between senders and users causing high speed communication and real time messaging. There is always a connected or an integrated channel between clients and Chabok. The communication protocol between Chabok and client is so efficient that message delivery is assured even in the lagged networks and 2G ones. This in addition to the policy of delivery- based messaging is of the capabilities and advantages of Chabok in order to be efficient in many ranges of functions.

Geo tracking and location oriented messages

The new feature of two way messaging service of Chabok is the feature of geo tracking that based on individuals’ locations, they will receive location-oriented messages as push notifications. For instance, a shopping center can send messages to the users around inviting them to visit the new sales in the market, or the municipality of a tourist-visited city can send welcoming message to the tourists or the visitors approaching the city borders introducing the attractions of the city.

Substitute Message

If the user is not online when the message is sent and there will be no internet access and getting access to the user is emergent, we can utilize substitute message which its content will be determined by customers. This specific service is the specialized service provided by ADP.

Advantages of Chabok to its Peers especially the international Ones

In order to enable the viewers of 90 TV show outside the country to participate in the opinion polls, ADP utilized  its online messaging service, Chabok. Before that, those viewers outside Iran could not participate in the opinion polls through SMS platform. It has been 13 years that ADP has been contributing to the show by conducting opinion polls through provision of SMS platform. The boom in number of users and high traffic made it inevitable for ADP to expand the back end servers and the network bandwidth used by those servers. Application 90 with its high traffic is one of the best epitomes of successful application of chabok and its capability to handle substantial number of messages. For instance, 7.5 million predictions per week, over 1500 requests per second on hot days of football matches all of them are implemented through Chabok messaging service.