Message Processor

It is the opinion polling application of ADP that in addition to processing the received SMS with high speed sent by the contacts, presents variegated types of reports of participants received messages to the organizers of the opinion polls.
ADP is honoured to organize the biggest and most popular TV show, 90 which is a TV sport show from channel 3 of the national Iran TV as well some other sports TV shows such as football 120 and etc. In addition, announcing the results the lottery results of Tejarat Bank, Agriculture Bank of Iran are among the special services provided by ADP.

All Games and Opinion Polls:

– Single option/choice games: choosing only one in multiple choice games
– Game based on pattern: the answer by the participant should correspond with the defined pattern in the system
– Games based on mapping: a game that after comparing the received message (SMS of the contact with/ to the predefined information in system, the considered answer will be processed &sent to him.

-Opinion Poll: By a free/ open format that any message is accepted

Advantages of this product:

-Simple web based context
– Possibility of defining options & various regulations
– Ability to define different types of messages, such as confirmation SMS, guidance SMS, etc.
– Online lottery
– Possibility of exporting to Excel
– Receiving various reports in different formats
– Reading the sent and received messages
– Viewing the number of the participants and the status of the received messages (correct, wrong, duplicate)
– Changing configuration of the game without any need to stop the current flow of voting
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