Mobile Banking

The present status of ADP as one of the top providers of products and services in Mobile field and short messaging has always been indebted to creativity, innovation, hardworking and perseverance of the design team. This team endeavors to utilize the latest technology in designing each piece of product in order to present its customers with the most creative products deserving the big name of its customers.
Of the most significant services by ADP is mobile banking that enables the customers to carry out their financial transactions through mobiles phones. Mobile banking services have exceeded other types of modern banking systems such as telephone bank and internet bank in security, facility, and accessibility.
The facilities in regard to the request of these banks are applicable on Android, java, ios. In addition, ADP is the only company which has run and implemented mobile bank on ios systems. Moreover, this company is able to present this application through app store which is the most common center for the software services.For further information please contact ADP Sales department.