Platform for Sending and Receiving SMS

SMS Platform

SMS is one of the most important media for information transfer in large organizations and institutions. Organizations can send message to their customers and inform them by SMS immediately. In addition if required, to collect information and opinions of customers and analyze them. There are different methods for using SMS as an organizational tool; yet in all, it is inevitable to have systems for sending, receiving and management of SMS and .the context for platform access to SMS

Some of the fields that SMS can be used:

Marketing and presenting new products
– Collecting and processing the customers information
– Permanent communication with the customers of the organization
– Managing the internal and external processes of the organization
– Management and monitoring remote observation of the electronic systems (sensor networks)
– Travelling and touring services
– Banking, financial and investment services
– Communication with social networks
– Utilized in transportation and logistics industries

 The most reliable SMS service provider in the country, ADP has designed diverse tools for sending and receiving messages in compliance with needs of the customers.The common point in all these products and services is their reliability enabling customers to do their business and trade regardless of any concern for sending and receiving SMS.Many banks and financial organizations due to the necessity of immediate and in time customers’ notification choose the services of Atieh Dadeh Pardaz for sending, receiving and management of short messages.Committed to responding to general and common needs of organizations, natural and legal persons, Atieh Dadeh Pardaz answers to special needs of its customers by providing solutions.The specialized and applicable software programs are designed for the required needs of the customers.